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To Pop-up or not?  Now that is the question these days.  Pop-up shops are businesses that temporarily set up shop-whether they want to sell inventory during the holiday season or just try to a temporary space to gain customer feedback.  Pop up shops come in all shapes and sizes..for example take a peek into Warby Parker’s Pop Up “Yurt” in Soho, New York:







So if you are thinking of starting a pop up here are some tips to think about!




1.   What is your purpose?

Since a pop-up store has only a limited amount to time to make their presence known, you will need to know what your pop-up stands for.  If you are planning to sell excess inventory of your product, then design a concept around it.  It will be easier in the long run when planning your marketing and shop layout.


2. Finding a Space

You will usually find a pop up store/shop in a storefront that may be vacating or is in-between a lease.  Just remember even though it is a pop-up, location is everything just like a retail storefront.  If you want your pop-up to be more exclusive, look for a location that has generally less foot traffic in the area.


3. Get the Word Out!

Since you only have limited time in your pop-up space, you should get the word out before the shop opens!  Utilize all social media channels.  Reach out to bloggers, newspapers.  Send out a newsletter.  Set up a one page website that you can reference your store and location. These are all important tools that will be sure to generate buzz around your pop-up!




Are you a designer that wants to develop unique clothing but don’t know the first thing about running a business?

At Shabby Apple, they understand that many designers want to design and develop unique clothing but don’t want to hire employees, pay taxes, manage shipments to customers..well you get the idea!   So in order to support start-up fashion designers and the fashion design community, they developed their own Emerging Designer Program.








Applicants who are accepted into the program will have their designs featured on the Shabby Apple website and will received 40% of the revenue from the sales of their designs. Emerging Designers will be in charge of designing, funding and manufacturing of all of their own designs. If the designer has never manufactured before, Shabby Apple will provide assistance with this process.

(NOTE: If you are an accessories vendor and would like to dropship with our site, please contact
Here’s how you can apply (courtesy of Shabby Apple’s website)

  • Create at least six designs. Consider fabric, cut, colors and shape. Designs must always have a sleeve, a hemline that hits no higher than the knee and also must show no cleavage at the neckline.
  • Document designs. Designs can be submitted as sketches, CAD drawings, or physical samples.
  • Name your line and explain your inspiration.

Submit designs and information to:
Shabby Apple Emerging Designer Program
250 W 75th Street #1C
New York, NY 10023

More info here.

**Whether you are a DIY or Emerging designer you will learn how to generate sales the right way the very instant your collection is completed. Today’s the day. It’s time. What are you waiting for?

Learn how you reach your Fashion Potential in our Emerging Designer Webinar here.



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