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Taila ONeal Philly/New Jersey Ambassador

Taila ONeal Philly/New Jersey Ambassador


Sites to Shop Emerging Designers

As the editor and chief of  a blog focusing on the emerging designer community, it is a daily duty of mine to scour the internet for sites that promote independent designers and artists. Showcasing collections is always pretty cool, but my recent obsession has come from shopping platforms featuring all indie designers. What a wonderful concept and a great strategy for those trying to gain more visibility with their emerging labels. I have three sites I’m really feeling and hope you’ll feel the same.

Designer Disclaimer- Please carefully read the fine print for being a part of these networks. Everyone has to get paid so make sure you’re all right with the fees/commission breakdown before signing up.

Cityblis-Currently at the top of my list is this super cute indie shopping network of designers, stylists, bloggers, and savvy shoppers. Visitors can check out blog posts about featuring designers, shop different brands,  or just gain inspiration through the hundreds of pictures constantly occupying the screen. This is an invite only community, which adds an air of exclusivity and that much more motivation to be one of those designers they reach out to. If invited,  Cityblis, the site will work with fashion magazines and bloggers to tell the world your story. They give designers and artists exposure to runway shows and events across the world. This platform is a great way to get noticed in the global marketplace, as well be inspired, or find great buys!







Stanford Row- is another great community for the emerging creative. What makes this site a sure to make stop is the customized apparel offered. Stanford Row was created by innovative minds based in New Zealand. The site introduces you to a world of amazing independent designers making quality garments with you and your personal measurements in mind. Designers are encouraged to sell their quality offerings with no listing fee, only a 5% commission fee. This is a great place to find those one of a kind pieces while supporting independent artisans.

Stanford Row


 is last but surely not least, and is a great stop for women’s wear and accessory designers. Boutine offers designers their own page where they can add their product and information. Fashion lovers can then sign up and build their own boutique for free using products from the indie designers. Lots of bloggers expand their brand this way. As they can build essentially their own e-commerce site and then share through all their social feeds. When someone makes a purchase from the boutique owners’ pages they earn 10% commission from the sale.

The concept of this site is pretty cool to me because designers get help selling their products from the site’s stylists. The community provides feedback for the designers and allows products to circulate through various international channels. Good product photos are a must for designers choosing to become a part of this site, as well as detailed product info, and lots of community networking.









My hope is using one or more of these platforms will help increase your brand’s visibility and network of editors, stylists and bloggers. It’s an indie industry network worth becoming a part of. Lots of luck loves!

Taila O’Neal





One of the biggest issues or challenges indie and emerging designers tell me they encounter is getting payment when they ship out their goods to a retailer.  It can be quite challenging getting paid even from the largest retailer!   Here are some tips you might want to consider as you start selling your collection at wholesale.








1. Request payment by credit card only-  this is by far the easiest and fastest method of payment.    You don’t have to worry about checks not clearing,  and C.O.D (cash on delivery).  You can request the card information up front or request at time of shipment.   Remember the card can not be charged until the goods are shipped!  About a week before you ship out the merchandise send a courtesy email or give the store buyer a call to remind them that you will be shipping out their merchandise as promised and will be charging their card.  That way there are no surprises on your end and theirs!

2. Extending net 30, 60 or 90 days credit terms.  That means the retailer is asking you if they can pay 30, 60, or even 90 days after the original invoice date.   This is common when dealing with a department store or large online retailer since they often do not check your merchandise into their inventory at least two weeks you ship it.   This can be tricky for any emerging designer.   If you do decide to extend credit terms, check online services like Dun & Bradstreet to check a company’s credit status.  If you don’t feel comfortable extending credit terms -don’t do it!  Though it can be very difficult to do, sometimes it is best to turn down an order rather than worry about how you are going to get paid for it!

3.  Work with a factor- also known as bridge or asset financing -the factor will handle collecting payment from your retailers.  How does it work?  The factor will buy your invoices from you.  Think a loan but without it affecting your personal or business credit.  One advantage of using a factor is that you could take on larger orders that you didn’t have the opportunity to do so before.   It can also give you the financing or cash flow you may need to produce your collection or prepare for your next trade show.  However this comes at a cost that will take a substantial chunk out of your profit margin.  Factoring can cost you anywhere from 15-25% of each invoice/order so you want to do some substantial research before you decide on working with a factor.  It may be too large of a percentage once you account for all of your expenses.


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