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Our very own LA ambassador, Tosha Clemens, shares her insight on a tradeshow that emerging designers should check out!








The California Market Center in Los Angeles has several different tradeshows throughout the year that cater to different target markets as well as price points. FOCUS is the show for emerging designers. I love that they highlight and spread the word about new talent, as most tradeshows have seasoned designers mixed in with emerging designers. At FOCUS, the show is more intimate so you will not get lost in the crowd. If you have never set up at a show before, then you can ask someone on the team to give you a tour. By taking a tour, you can see the type of buyers that are attending, what other brands are showing and then be able to make the decision if your brand is a good fit. It will also give you some insight from the buyers prospective as you will see what booths grab your attention and why. Is it the products, the decorations in the booth, any music or videos?  You will also see how other designers interact with the buyers. In other words, when you go to set up at the next show then you will be prepared and know exactly what to expect from it. The show is held several times a year. If you have your samples ready and are looking for retail buyers then consider a tradeshow booth as your next step!







So you just launched your label and want to get your line recognized at a trade show.  Now what?  This can be a very big decision for an indie designer.  Here are some questions you want to ask yourself:



How do you choose which show is right for you?

Should you do more than one show?

The biggest question you should ask yourself is where does my competition show?


Research is absolutely critical here.


You don’t want to exhibit at a show if only a few brands in your pricepoint are there.

If you can talk to some of the designers or even retailers to find out what shows they attend that will help narrow your decision.

No matter how big or small the show you want to do you have to be prepared!







Here’s the most important but often overlooked step:

The Planning Process



Here are some questions you will need to ask yourself before you begin:

•Will you need to travel to this trade show?
•Will you need hotels?
•Will you be handing out any  promotional giveaways at the trade show?
•How many people or employees will you have at the show?
•What booth size do you want?
•Do you have enough marketing materials printed?
•What do you want to display?
You want to create a cohesive collection so if you have a small booth and a large collection-be selective!
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**Whether you are a DIY or Emerging designer you will learn how to showcase your line the right way the very instant your collection is completed. Today’s the day. It’s time. What are you waiting for?


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