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Courtney Williams-Bella Argentina

Courtney Williams-Bella Argentina



Silvina Maffuche and Lucia Lucía Lamelza, creators of Buenos Aires fashion blog Walk In My Shoes, are a powerhouse of fashion experience.

Lucia Lucía Lamelza  and Silvina Maffuche of Walk in my Shoes

Lucia Lucía Lamelza and Silvina Maffuche of Walk in my Shoes




From launching their own independent apparel and accessories brands in Brazil and Spain, to working on styling for films, to producing high-profile fashion shows throughout Argentina, both are professors of Fashion Production at the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires, as well as fashion editors for Argentina’s biggest press company, Clarin.  Silvina is a regular contributor to Elle Argentina and Lucia is a contributor to Elle Deco and Vanidades.  They weave together their international perspective and professional fashion experience to bring their loyal readers trend forecasts, the latest industry events, and beauty news.


I sat shared a coffee with this dynamic duo where they provided an exclusive interview for The Fashion Potential.  If you want to work in fashion, either as an emerging designer, or for a big name brand, take note of their advice – these tips are indispensable.


Advice for launching your emerging brand:

1.)  Keep in mind that launching by yourself can be a liability

Fashion businesses evolve quickly, and it’s inevitable that you’ll make mistakes.  If you’re on your own, you may not have the resources or ability to recover from errors.  Consider partnering up with another designer or teaming up with someone you trust to help you in the initial stages of launching your emerging brand.


2.)  Study hard

If you didn’t choose to study fashion at the university level, consider taking a course or certification.  “University studies add vital credibility to your professional profile,” points out Silvina.


3.)  Work for a designer to gain stability and hands on knowledge

Give yourself the opportunity to obtain industry experience on a big company’s dime.  Learn firsthand how a successful business works and consider launching your brand while you still have the safety net and stability of a company paycheck.


4.)  Be humble

A positive, open attitude will take you further in the fashion world than any design talents.  “Keep your ego in check,” comments Lucia.  “You can’t learn if you’re speaking, so be humble and take advantage of every opportunity to listen.”


5.)  Be open to working internationally

Not only will gaining international experience help expand your perspective of other cultures and develop your communication skills, working abroad also expands your resume.  With the fashion job market growing more and more competitive, working internationally may provide you with more promising opportunities than you have available in your home market.  Plus, you can expand your network and possibly pick up a new language.  The world is getting more and more global every day, so open yourself up to the possibilities.


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Suerte fashionistas!


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